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Lots of people put pictures of their kids up on web sites.  Not my human.  I'm cuter than your kids anyway!

My human Grampa put the ball in the Kong package.  This is so kewl!  Now I can chew on the Kong package!

I'm so predictable.  Whenever my human sits on that thing I know I've got a captive audience. 

My human drops bits of bacon and cheese every now and then.  He pretends it's accidental, but I know...

My human Grampa told my Gramma, "No, we're NOT gettin' a dog..."

But he came to visit a few times and I turned his mind into jelly.

Sure, I can be cute.  But don't provoke me like that other Boston Terrier did!  I told him he could kiss my butt!

This guys a cool friend.  He doesn't know how small he is though.  He plays with me just like I'm a little dog!

Uh, oh.

I got a hiatal hernia.  See my stomach is supposed to be all to the right side of my diaphram, but my diaphram didn't develop right, and my stomach and part of my spleen were slipping in and out of my chest cavity.  I had really bad heartburn all the time I was a puppy, but I couldn't tell anybody about it.  All my humans just thought I was moody.

See the big black dot?  That's a stink-bomb I'll let loose later, preferably in a small, closed space!

It got worse before it got better!

I had to go to the UW Vet school for major surgery.

About two weeks before this happened, my human Gramma got on the waiting list for a new puppy for Grampa.  So Gramma and Grampa got my half-sister for free to make up for my bad luck.

This guy resisted at first, but my sister and her litter-mates ganged up on his shoe laces and convinced him that resistance was futile.  Now she has him wrapped around her littlest front toe!

My little sister is cool, but she can be annoying at feeding time...

... and she knows how to use those new puppy teeth really well!

You might notice I'm not real happy about this arrangement.  I don't usually share my furniture except with my humans.  I think my sister feels the same way, but we've been playing and we're too tired.

That's me on the left.  They should have named my sister 'Grace'...           she's sure full of it!

I don't like water much unless it's really, really hot out.  Then I just dip my feet in.  I tried dunking once and i didn't like it.

Not much I need to say about this.  That's my one of my human's family prodigies and my sister!

I really don't like Deer Flies.  This was about 5:00 on a Sunday.

My human gave me benedryl and a bath after he tried to call my Doctor.  We ended up going to the Emergency Doctor, and she gave me a shot.

My human thinks he can find room to get in here, too!

My sister visits every now and then.

Is that a squirrel I see?

See how vicious I can look?  ... and she's STILL not impressed!  This is a cool place to wrestle though! Don't tell anyone, but I wouldn't actually hurt a fly... well... a fly I'd eat, but you get the point.

Wow... we're both exhausted!

In the winter my human shovels paths in the snow for me to play in.  He took these pictures and turned them into a panorama.  I'm in the picture 9 and a half times!  You can click here to see a bigger picture.

As the snow melted he shoveled the paths into piles.  then we got a big snowstorm.


I still really don't like Deer Flies.  This was about 7:30.


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